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Customized Modular Kitchen

You always want to prepare the best food for your family. Therefore, your kitchen needs to be designed in the most appropriate manner, keeping in mind your specific needs. We take into consideration aspects such as your height, right- or left-handed, grocery buying schedules, type of food to be cooked, and family size, among many other things, when creating the best design for your kitchen. According to your preferences, we can incorporate a glossy or matte finish for various surfaces in our designs and create spaces for keeping pans, big pots, and cutlery. You can be sure that the Customized Modular Kitchens designed by Qubes Modular will be the best place for making healthy food.

Bedroom Interior Design

Over the years, we have created a portfolio of bedroom designs. You can choose one of your designs when building your house or remodel your current home. Alternately, we can create customized designs just for you based on your specific preferences. We understand that bedrooms may vary in sizes and shapes, but it is your private space and it should make you feel calm and relaxed after a hard day’s work. We also appreciate the fact that it should reflect your personality. We make this happen by judiciously choosing furnishings, décor, and colour, and arranging furniture in the best possible manner.

Custom-made Rooms for Kids

Professional designers at Qubes Modular help busy parents like you to create the perfect room for your kids in your new house or existing home. If you have any specific requirements, a style in your mind and do not know how to fructify the same, or not able to spare the time required to organize everything for your kid’s room, we can help you out. Our dedicated team members at Qubes Modular Interiors will do all the required hard work on your behalf. We will develop designs in consultation with you and create a dream room for your kids.

Why is Qubes Modular the Best Interior Designer In Kottayam?

1. Highly Professional

We strive to provide high-quality service all the time.

2. Highly Skilled Designers

Our designers take creativity to the highest possible levels and create intuitive designs.

3. Many Satisfied Clients

We always strive to exceed customer expectations.

Living Rooms That Reflect Your Personality

As the most used room in the house, everybody spends time in the Living Room. Parents and Kids spend a great deal of time in the Living Room. When guests and friends come to your house for a short visit, they are all entertained in the Living Room. Expert designers at Qubes Modular can convert your Living Room into a space that exudes warmth, grace, and charm by adding all the required elements such as décor, curtains, furniture, antiques, rugs, runners, sofa, couches, and anything else that you want to add to express yourself.

Custom-designed Dining Room

You spend quite an amount of time in the Dining Room along with your family members. Therefore, it should be designed and decorated in the best possible manner so that you feel happy and content. Our designers will suggest chair designs that each member of your family can use without any kind of discomfort; table designs that can be used for serving food or several other purposes; furnishings and fittings that reflect your personality; and décor that lifts your mood. Overall, Dining Rooms designed by Qubes Modular will display your status and taste.

Office Interior Design

We can design the interiors right from scratch if you are setting up your business or give a makeover to your existing office. We will meet you at your office and discuss with you in details as regards your specific requirements. Then we create ergonomic designs according to the current trends and international standards. Earlier on, offices were characterized by cubicles and ordinary furniture. Those days are long gone. You have to provide the right kind of ambience to improve productivity and develop the desired work culture. The office space should inspire your employees to put in their best performance.

Happy Customers Speaks

Must say, I am indeed happy with Qubesmodular. They have created a space for my family that is convenient and comfortable.
Mathews V.G. / Kollam
Hats off to the team at Qubes Modular. An exact replica of the interior I have perceived in my mind. My family and I are more than happy with the services of Qubesmoudular.
Anand Ravi / Trivandrum
Top quality work. Good service and well-trained professionals. Qubesmodular is best at what they do.
Rani Prabhakar / Pathanamthitta
When I approached Qubesmodular for my interior designing needs, they were very attentive to my requirements and paid close attention to make sure that everything is done as per my requirements. I am very satisfied with the outcome.
Sahil M / Kochi
My dream house is now complete, all thanks to Qubesmodular. They have given my interiors a new look. The team at Qubesmodular put their best efforts to complete the designing works on time.
Boby Joseph / Kottayam

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