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Interior Design Ideas for Kids rooms

Interior Design Ideas for Kids rooms

Interior Design Ideas for Kids rooms

Kids spend a lot of time playing, sleeping, daydreaming, discovering, learning and inventing in their room. They take inspiration from their family, environment, friends, books, games, arts, music and everything around them. So it comes as no surprise that children’s rooms should be stimulating and inspiring them positively.

Kids’ rooms should be practical, functional and visually impersonate your kids’ personality and dreams. The furniture and accessories should not be fragile and have any sharp edges. Their virtual playground should be a safe place to skyrocket their creativity.

Confused on how to decorate the interiors of your little-loved one’s space? Don’t worry. Here are some ideas you can’t resist.

Neutral-based kids room interiors

Usually, keeping the walls white and adding bits of colour gives you more options to make kids’ rooms more creative and playful. Kids’ rooms can be brought to life with Children’s favourite books and toys and adding fun colours. Wallpapers, bedding and rugs can add colours and pattern to your kid’s room interior designs that can grow with age.

You can always decorate your kids' rooms with different inspiring themes reflecting their passion and aspirations. Funky furniture, accessories, wallpapers, wall stickers, little dots, triangles, clouds, pillows, and other bedding can materialise your kid’s dream world.

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Interior decors  for your little space pilot

One of the most popular theme designs for kids’ room is spaceship theme. Whether your kid is a star wars fan or aspire to be a cosmonaut or just like lying under the stars, kids are usually fascinated by Outer Space. You can have planet ceilings, spaceship themed wall decors, rocket-shaped storages, solar system rugs, space rocket pillows, planet curtains, spaceship console and unrestricted play area. You future astronaut is going to get inspired, energised and above all extremely happy in his surreal world.

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Sea-based kid’s room interiors

Having sea-based interior designs for kids’ rooms can be fun and exciting. You can start by either painting the wall blue or use a blue ocean themed wallpaper.  Even in sea-based themes, some love mysterious underwater creatures and dreams of exploring them. For others, Nautical themes about ships and pirates, pirate-themed wallpapers with funky furniture and sailing accents can excite them.

Using bold colours on the side, boat or ship shaped beds and chairs, fish-shaped storages,  porthole-style sconce in place of a bedside lamp.etc can give a strong visual impact of underwater theme and add fun to the playground for your kid.

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Pick your kid’s favourite story

Draw inspirations from your kid’s favourite stories to create the magical space for your kids. Stories represent a magical world that encourage good deeds, generosity and other virtues.

Colourful tent beds, carriage canopy beds, castle and winter forest illustrations, finding Nemo themes, Narnia cupboards, wall decals with their favourite characters can help to create that mystical and magical world that break the boundaries and encourages their imagination.

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If you feel like you need help in getting that perfect look for your kids' rooms, you can always contact us. We can juxtapose accessories, colour combinations, wall decors and lighting arrangements to materialise the happiest living space for your kids. So parents, go ahead and transform your kids' room into their favourite play area.