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Smartest ways to design your kitchen

Smartest ways to design your kitchen

Smartest ways to design your kitchen

Good food is medicine to the soul. We all love waking up to an amazing breakfast full of nutrition and love in it. But seldom do we think of the convenience of those who cook the food or where they do – their magic laboratory where they create nothing short of magic – the kitchen. Every house has one, some have big ones, some have small – some big ones look cluttered while some small ones are really smartly organized. But what is the best way to design your kitchen? What are those little smart hacks that turn a kitchen into a smart kitchen? Is it the looks, or the cabinets? Well, we’ve seen good looking kitchen hardware sickened by the company of extremely stupid articles around them which ultimately make the entire kitchen end up looking like a madhouse. And we’ve seen really small kitchens, even old ones being very nicely organized and they even have that beautiful country look embedded into them.

So what is the secret ingredient that makes a kitchen smart? What are the smartest ways to design a kitchen? Let’s lay them out for you.

Modular Kitchen

The first thing that we’re looking at is the clutter. You’ve noticed that. Big spaces being turned into extremely tiny ones because the major part of it is captured by the clutter of appliances, tools, crockery that you don’t need on the kitchen slab. What we’re looking at is organization. It is essential to do everything in your ability to get rid of the clutter on your kitchen slab and in the rest of the kitchen. The idea is to arrange them in a manner that not only are they easily accessible to you when you need them the most, but also they are kept in places they’re meant to be kept in.

A smart use of containers is another medicine to cure the issues of unorganized spaces. It is important that while designing your kitchen itself, you mark the territory that you’re going to use for keeping boxes in which you’ll be storing billions of important stuff, from spices to raw ingredients. And while thinking of boxes, we must be using plasticware or glassware which can be neatly arranged into your kitchen cabinet you’ve designated for keeping these containers, but also they’re dishwasher compatible. Plus they should be able to be neatly stacked one on one or side by side. We encourage the use of litre – capacity glass bottles for hard spices. The reason is that you can keep them in the open and instead of making the kitchen look cluttered, they’ll add to the overall aesthetics of the same. At the same time, you don’t have to remember what you have kept where because well, the bottles are ‘transparent’.

Modular Kitchen - The Modern Smart Kitchen

The ease of storage, good looks and compact design makes Modular Kitchen Designs as one of the most popular solutions in arranging modern kitchens. We can create customized modular kitchen designs that complement our home interiors. Customized modular kitchens give us the liberty to decide on the materials to be used, cabins and storage according to your family’s needs and budget. Maximum space utilization, sleek stunning designs, comfort and convenience are what makes Modular Kitchen the most celebrated options while designing a new house or renovating an old kitchen.  A well experienced and creative interior designer can help you with the colour selection, cabinet designs, and home appliance arrangement that gives a facelift to your entire home interior design. Closed cabinets makes it easy to get rid of the cluttering that most houses struggle with.

Kitchen Interior Design

Now it is also important that you understand the kind of kitchen cabinets you want to. While buying cabinets, the one thing that we’re most bothered with is how they’re going to look. Well, you need to pay equal attention to their utility and whether they serve the purpose for which you’re going to buy them. For instance, for things like plates and cutlery, you don’t necessarily need to go by the traditional thinking of putting them in the cabinet below the kitchen slab. You can stack them one above another in the rack beside your electric chimney and who knows, if the plates or glasses are too good-looking, you can also have your cabinets see-through types instead of binding by hardwood. That way not only you know where you’ve kept what, it also imparts a certain look to your kitchen.

But often, we are not able to apply these hacks on our own because depending on the location and size of the kitchen, something may be applicable or not. Not every kitchen has doors either. So, what to do? If you ask us, the smartest ways to ensure you have the best kitchen design ideas put into the kitchen interior is to consult the experts. We, Qubes Modular – we are the best experts you can find in Kerala or South India with affordable modular kitchen designs and the most elegant of kitchen cabinets and other hardware. All you’ve got to do is call up and show us around. In a matter of no time, they’ll lay out a plan for you, the best ever kitchen you’re gonna have. Be it cabinets or glassware, stands or racks, anything you want, and the best of it – we’ve got it all covered. You can get in touch with us on +91 9188089650 or write to us at qubesmodular@yahoo.com.

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