27 Nov

How interior designing can bring positivity to your home?

How interior designing can bring positivity to your home?

How interior designing can bring positivity to your home?

Gone are the days when interior designing used to be a thing meant only for home beautification and employed installation of opulent objects and décor items. With the introduction of theme-based interior designing that incorporates the essence of different themes such as nature; religious; contemporary; ultra-modern; English; Kerala-Style; Rustic and vibrant etc; people have even started to get their homes designed to introduce positivity in their lives and homes. Read some tips on how interior designing can bring positivity to your homes from the best Interior Designers in Kottayam; to make your life calm and positive.

Positivity from Interior Designing

  • Naturally Lit and Airy Spaces

Kerala style homes have always been airy and spacious with lots of provisions for natural light. Hence, the one of the best tip from the reputed Interior Designers in Kottayam is to let the natural light in by various means and install larger windows that can be left open for letting the fresh air in. The spaces with natural light and fresh air have a highly positive vibe and keep you fresh all the times.

  • Roomier Living Rooms

During Living Room Interior Designing, try to avoid the clutter and install only the essential décor items. Avoid having very heavy tables and very opulent and dark coloured furnishings. It is a fact that roomy spaces induce calmness and when they are kept clean, the surroundings emanate a positive vibe.

  •  Positive Posters

When asked, one of the most reputed Interior Designers in Kottayam replied that they install the posters and paintings that are positive; such as modern art that indicates hope and life; positive one-liners and quotes; religious décor items and photo posters of people that changed the world with their acts of positivity. Our thoughts are influenced by what we saw; hence, it is one of the most important things that should be taken into consideration is you are trying to do interior designing to bring positivity into your life.

  •  Clean and Neat Places

One of the designers shared his experiences that while Home Interior Designing in Kottayam he realized how the client’s family became really organized and calm once the project was completed. He said that clean and neat places help you attain inner peace because of the surroundings. Earlier, the home was full of lots of small décor items and belongings that were no longer usable. The kids used to spread things here and there and there was no order whatsoever. With a newly designed clean place that was organized by the experts, the family was just left with the task of maintenance and thus, was relieved a lot.

  •  Jingles and Wind Chimes

No one can deny the fact that the light and amazing sounds of wind chimes are really appealing and make one smile whenever they ring. Installing good quality earthen wind chimes bring the aesthetic value as well.

  • Indoor Green Planters

With a bit of nature inside your home, you can always have a relaxing area ready to be enjoyed. Having a corner decorated with the indoor plants; gravel flooring and false grass; dim lights; relaxing wall décor and small comfortable seating instantly lifts your mood and makes you happy. During Living Room Interior Designing also, you can add some small green planters to make the ambience appealing.

Home interior designing tips

  •  Gloomy Lights

Use the lights in such a manner that no corner is left gloomy and you don’t feel bored or ominous. Bright places bring out positivity and instantly lift your mood. Bright lights with light coloured backgrounds emanate really peppy vibes.

  •  Fragrances that calm your nerves and senses

Instead of installing air fresheners that are artificial and fade away; install indoor plants such as sage, basil and mogra etc that keep your home naturally fragrant and fresh all the time. Burn some incense on a regular basis such as in front of your Pooja Area is also a good option. Further, the natural and light fragrances such as sandalwood, agarwood our oud and Attar etc keep your homes fragrant without being irritating to anybody.

Other important things incorporated by the best Interior Designers in Kottayam are:

  • Colour Combinations that are soothing and motivating
  • Organized homes that easy to maintain
  • Utility furniture that eliminates the need of having lots of furniture

Having gained all the ideas for bringing in the positivity into your lives from interior designing, when are you starting with your home???


21 Nov

10 Interior Designing Tips for your Home

10 Interior Designing Tips for your Home

10 Interior Designing Tips for your Home

Wondering what should be changed in your home to make it look fresh and new?? Hunting the best interior designing tips on the internet to give your home that New Year makeover?? Want to make your home more accommodating towards the contemporary lifestyle and thinking about the most cost-effective way to do that??? Well, to answer all your questions of all kinds related to the home interior design, we have compiled the top 10 tips from the best Interior Designers in Kottayam. These tips will save you a lot of effort, time and money as well as give your home that unique and fresh touch.

Top 10 Tips from the Interior Designers in Kottayam:

  •  Reorganization doesn’t mean stacking up.

It is important to understand that everything and every aesthetic item we use at our home come with a lifetime. Once that time is over, we have to replace it and that forms the most basic part of the reorganization. Going by the words of the Best Interior Designers in Kottayam if you wish to redecorate your home, you have to throw away the clutter instead of keeping the old things stacked in the storeroom or keeping the old items hidden in the corners.

Interior Designers in Kottayam

  •  Colours play a crucial role.

When asked, one designer, providing Home Interior Designing in Kottayam said that simply changing the colours of your walls and ceilings can lend a larger than life effect. Replacing the old dull shades with the perky combinations of peppy colours gives your place a lovely makeover. All you have to do is take an expert advice and choose the combinations as per your preference.

  •  Living Room Interior Designing.

In case you don’t want to change much and are on a strict budget, then just getting the Living Room Interior Designing done can bring a lot of change. Install new furnishings and furniture in the living room and use the earlier ones in the other places. This small amount of shuffling, when done intelligently, can do wonders for the people on a strict budget.

  • Neutral Colours and Dark Colours:

Another good trick to give your ordinary home an extraordinary makeover is to do a contrast of neutral shades and dark shades. For example, you can keep the neutral shades ambient in the form of wall colours, furnishings and decorative items and contrast the whole setting with dark brown paints on wooden things.

  •  Decorative Mirrors put to the best use:

You can give a small space an effect of larger space by installing decorative mirrors of varying shapes and sizes; says one of the best firms for Home Interior Designing in Kottayam. Installing large rectangular mirrors (lengthwise) will make a small room seem large and long. Installing curves in a roomy space gives it a cosy and stylish appeal.

  •  Patterns and Textures:

Another crazy simple tip for Living Room Interior Designing is to mix and match the patterns and textures. Mix the stripes with the circles and prints with the solid colours. This applies to the stripes on ceiling and walls; geometric printing on the cushions and solid coloured sofa and geometric gradient colours etc.

  •  Rustic Décor:

One of the most amazing and low-investment tip from one of the reputed Interior Designers in Kottayam is to install rustic décor items such as wicker baskets; simple wooden coffee tables and stools and small indoor planters that give the DIY makeover feel to the place. One good thing that comes out of this type of décor is that you get to include some natural elements into the otherwise man-made establishment. Keeping a small relaxing area in the home with gravel and artificial grass and small porch type seating with dim lights etc is another beautiful idea to bring some nature into your home.

Interior Designing tips

  •  Rugs that add charm.

A crucial item that changes the overall look and feel of a space is the rug. Though the days of mammoth carpets and heavy handmade rugs are long bygone, the lighter and machine-made versions are very much in vogue because of utility as well as aesthetic appeal. Install some charming rugs of different shapes and colours to add contrast or symmetry to your space.

  •  Clever housing and Storage:

Hidden storage and clever housing cabinets are very much in trend. This is because of the fact that the current homes have reduced in sizes and grandness and have become more oriented towards utility and compact living. Hence, you can easily come across various space-saving housing ideas that come with hidden storage as well.

  •  Tiles and False Heights:

Another very good plan of action would be to install really stylish and quirky tiles that make every space instantly stand out and design the space in such a manner that make it high. Installing false ceilings in long stripes gives a false impression of height in the room.

Well, the list is over and we wish that you have been inspired enough and informed enough to start that long-awaited makeover to your home.