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Thematic interior designing ideas

Thematic interior designing ideas

Thematic interior designing ideas

Did you just wake up and take a tour of your kitchen? What – you found everything in place, there is no clutter and all you can think of is – umm, what is wrong with it? Despite all of your glassware in place, all of your cutlery put up nicely, your tools and plates in place, something doesn’t fit well. Do you need to overhaul your kitchen, to redesign it? Well, we’re not the ones to tell you that but of course, we’ll tell you what’s missing. The word is ‘themes’. What we do not understand despite some things in life that are intrinsically good if left as such individually, well they may not fit well together with other stuff. Be it your girlfriend/ wife, the ultra - slow processor with a gaming motherboard or the elements of your home or kitchen. Not everything is supposed to fit together. But what if they do?

The one thing that we really struggle with is making our homes look right. We buy the best furniture, quality lightings and the sexiest looking electronics. But despite all the money we splurge and all the efforts that we put into it, we are not able to get it right. Why? Don't worry. We, the interior designers of QubesModular – a bunch of innovative guys who think out of the box when it comes to interior designing. You share your issues with us, we will shoot a bunch of hard-learned solutions to the same. While someone might like their upbeat and ultra-modern looking, someone might be more inclined to give it a whole retro look without being concerned about whether it looks modern or not.  There are a wide variety of home interior designing ideas.

Interior designing per se is the perfect blend of art and science. The beauty that it seeks is the hidden in the art of it, while the science goes in to find out the best ways to achieve maximum space utilization and the organization of various shapes to make them look as though they belong to something higher than themselves.

One of the bestselling thematic interior design is the Scandinavian model – it’s the ultimate fix for your space problems as well as why your house looks gloomy all the time. With the use of bright colors and furniture that has maximum utility, the idea is to make the room look big. This is achieved by placing the furniture and other stuff in a way that all the shapes blend in together and at the same time, you’ve got everything that you need in the room and nothing extra (the minimalism idea).

What some call the exact opposite of the organized Scandinavian look, and what we are actually in love with, the Bohemian décor runs with the idea of imparting a particularly messy look to your house. The use of vibrant colours that lit up your house like the purple or a bright shiny red, coupled with the use of layers such as lots of cushions on top of the messy patterned upholstery on your sofa set and rugs. They represent the non-bourgeois class without minus anything that makes the room look untidy. The use of unfitting things in a way that in the grand scheme of things, they actually fit together, the Bohemian style is mostly favoured by young couples and adventure loving bachelors.

Bohemian Interior Design Ideas

On the other hand, the retro décor employs the amalgamation of dark gloomy colours, together with simple old-school patterns which combine to form something new. It’s what we call sexy. After all, there’s a reason it’s the most favorite theme of even party-goers.

Another alternative that you can opt for, at least for particular parts of our houses (maybe a living room or two) is giving it an industrial edge. With simple hardwood, lowline beds with the backdrop of unplastered brick work. Replace your modular switches with old-school manual switches and they look surprisingly good.

Retro Interior Design Ideas

Regardless of whatever we explained to you (and whatever we were explained), the one golden advise that we can give you for making the best interior designs for your home is to consult the experts. We, QubesModular has got some of the friendliest and patient professionals who you should consult in order to make the best home interior design. Depending on your budget, they’ve definitely got something for you. They specialize in how to make the best out of the space in your house. All you’ve got to do is connect with them and share with them your details and invite them over. And they’ll take it from there.

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