QubesModular is one of those very few Home Interior Designers in Kottayam that deliver an undeniable and unsurpassable charm and feel to every space they design. With an expertise in designing and providing Home Interior Furnishing for all kinds and all sizes of residential as well as commercial establishments, we, at the QubesModular believe that every space comes with its own flavours and requirements. Every home is different because every person is different and has a unique and characteristic set of requirements and preferences. Hence, at the QubesModular, no one project matches the other in any manner, unless it is intended to.

QubesModular – Interior Designs that Speak:

From plans to the planes and from the floors to the ceilings; from the walls to the ambience and from the homes to the offices – QubesModular has created spaces that are inviting and ergonomic in every manner possible. Be it the highly modern, streamlined and clutter-free airy spaces or the traditional homes with courtyards and open sitting with lots of natural light; be it offices to house hundreds of employees or be it small offices to house one compact team; we have done it all and received praises and smiles from all our clients. Happy Clients and Happy Spaces – this makes us the best Home Interior Designers in Kottayam.

Wall Décor; Floor Plans; Home Interior Furnishing; Renovation and concept décor; the team at the QubesModular works like an expert with an uncanny knack of designing and delivering more than perfectly designed spaces that are tangible translations of their requirements and wish lists.

Home Interior Designers in Kottayam – Unique and Different:

Everybody wants a home that is unique and has all the elements that speak about the taste and nature of the owner. With a team of young and energetic Interior Designers in Kottayam, that always wish to stay ahead in the game at all times; the QubesModular has excelled and carved a niche for them like no other name. We have styled the homes and offices as per the demands of our customers and have created quite an impressive fan-following and a collection of happy testimonials we are extremely proud to have earned.

What makes the spaces designed by the QubesModular stand apart and emerge as distinct and unique from among the hoards of expert decorated spaces; is our ultimate mastery of design and art as a form and as a concept. From artistic themes to the rustic ones that give off an earthy aura; QubesModular is way better than a Jeanie in the bottle; for we just don’t deliver what you ask; we ensure delivering a more sophisticated and better version of that.

Why Choose QubesModular??

Given the fact that the state of Kerala has a huge number of Home interior designers in Kottayam that can furnish your homes like castles; to stand apart is a feat in itself. Hence, we are highlighting the key points to help you make the decision regarding your Home interior furnishing a really rewarding one.

Choose QubesModular for:

  • Unique designs that are individually planned and created for your space only
  • Furnishings and décor that fits into your budget, but exceeds your expectations and dreams
  • Amazingly designed spaces with the best utilization of space and resources
  • Creating establishments of all kinds and all scales
  • Creating tangible dreams that you will be proud to own and live in
  • Services and quality that never fall short of expectations and makes our designs really durable
  • Expert opinion regarding space management and planning renovation and redecoration of a space

We, at the QubesModular, design spaces, that speak of the people living there, working there and owning them. Our designs are all about the realities of what we understand and perceive as an attractive, meaningful and civilized environment and ambience that pleases the eye and comforts the heart.

‘Utter ease with utmost style for flawless impression’ – Home Interior Furnishing by QubesModular.