There are a few things that are common for all good living rooms. They are often harmonious, elegant, and reflect the personal preferences of the people who are going use it. As one of the top interior designers in Kottayam, we can provide you with endless design ideas for your living room whether you are building a new house or renovating your current home. However, it all starts with the basic question as to how you want to use the living room. The living room may be used as a place for social gatherings, watching TV with the family in the evenings, or as the dining space with a separator.

With more than two decades in the field of interior designing, Qubes Modular has done interiors for hundreds of apartments and villas all over Kerala. We have also created living rooms that reflect styles such as Country, Minimalist, Classic, Rustic, and Modern. Our website has pictures of some projects have done in the state over the years. You can take a look at the pictures to choose the style and form your own ideas before holding discussions with our experts and firming up the requirements. You can use the pictures to choose the colour, material, and furniture that are required to make your living room give the feeling of comfort.

When designing your living room, some of the key aspects we take into consideration include the space available, the colours you like, the type of furniture and fittings, and other accessories that you prefer. The use of space assumes a great deal of importance when deciding styles for larger rooms. Carpets and furniture have to be properly chosen or made according to customized designs to help create a balanced environment. If there is a space constraint, the living room design has to be done in such a way as to create the impression of availability of space by cleverly selecting the colour schemes for walls, texture, and finding the right balance to create an atmosphere that gives you total relaxation.

Each customer is different. It is the ability of the interior designers at Qube Modular to clearly understand our customers’ needs and develop designs as per their preferences that have helped us to become one of the best in the field. You can call us and fix up a time for a free consultation to get started in your home interior design project.