At Qubes Modular, we design and install modular kitchens for flats/apartments and independent houses or villas anywhere in the state as required by our clients. When developing modular kitchen concepts for our clients, we create designs that suit our client’s lifestyle and make sure that the cabinets fit into space properly. One of our experienced interior designers will visit your home, take the required measurements, and understand your requirements through discussions. We will then suggest a couple of design options that incorporate the requirements specified by you and based on the size and shape of your kitchen. If you are completely satisfied with the designs and specifications that we have created, we will go ahead with organizing the modular kitchen elements. Our modular kitchen installation team consisting of experienced technicians will then complete the project as per the time scheduled agreed upon.

Straight Kitchen

Straight type modular kitchens will typically have cabinets on one wall only and are ideal for small homes that need simple and basic kitchen facilities. The storage spaces and washing and cooking areas are all provided along one wall. This type of kitchen is less popular, but it can be designed to provide high-level functionality. The efficiency of a single-wall kitchen depends on the placement of the hob, refrigerator, and sink. The size of the countertop also matters.

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchens can be created when the two adjacent walls of the room can be used to set up the required facilities/conveniences. This type offers more flexibility when it comes to allocating space for setting up kitchen appliances, storage cabinets, and countertop. Sleeks L-shaped kitchens will have storage cabinets on both the longer and shorter walls and the sink and the cooking range will be accommodated on either side depending on other conveniences required.

Island Kitchen

Island type kitchen provides a great deal of functionally. An island also adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen. This type of kitchen is best suited for modern homes that accept the concept of open kitchens. In such a layout, there will be no separation between the living room and the kitchen. The stove will be accessible from all the sides and it makes it easy for two persons to cook together.

Parallel Kitchen

This type of kitchen will have two parallel counters with a minimum distance of four feet between them. Storage cabinets, appliances, and accessories will be arranged along the parallel sides. There will be one workspace and one sink on one side, and the hob will be on the freestanding space. This type of kitchen is very efficient, as all appliances and essential items will be very much within your reach.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen design is the best option if you need a lot of storage space. Storage cabinets will be set up along two longer walls and one shorter wall of the kitchen. This means that you will have a long countertop to work on. This design is best suited for big kitchens and is an expensive option.