We can create bespoke wardrobes with storage and shelving systems that are best suited for your lifestyle. Actually, a wardrobe is an important requirement for any bedroom and it has to be designed properly if it has to serve the desired purposes. The interiors of the wardrobe dictate as to how much of your things you can store in it, and ultimately how they will be organized. Expert designers at Qubes Modular specialize in creating fully functional bedroom wardrobe systems. We have installed such systems in many apartments and villas across the state of Kerala.

We can make available a variety of wardrobe internals and storage systems for you to choose from. You can decide what you want according to preferences and needs. If you are finding it difficult to choose the internal fillings and storage systems, we can advise you on what would be the most appropriate option in your specific case. You may prefer to have more shelving, a larger hanging area, or a drawer section for storing some specific stuff. It is all up to you. Tell us what you want and we will make customized wardrobes for you.

Depending on the budget you have allocated for your wardrobes, you can either opt for the standard or premium range of internal arrangement in order to organize your stuff. Standard option will have a selected range of shelving units, draws, and hanger space. Standard ranges are often very competitively priced and the internals will all be made using quality material. The premier option will come to you with a little more of flexibility. You can choose this option if you have the requirement for fitting a wide range of clothes, shoes, and other belongings inside the wardrobe. Wardrobes are an essential part of any bedroom for the proper organization of your stuff and leading a clutter-free life.

All said and done, the wardrobe interior design that we create will be based on the customization that you need to meet your requirements. We will choose the drawers, shoe racks, and hangers only on the basis of your preferences. As in the case of interior designing of any of your other rooms, the wardrobe design should also be a reflection of your personal preferences and lifestyle choices. In addition, we will coordinate the colour of the wardrobe, inside and outside, with that of the bedroom in order to create a harmonious appearance.