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china textile city: the subscription of knitted fabrics increases partially

time: 2021-07-15

recently, the transactions of knitted fabrics in the china textile city market have been interactive, and the number of subscribers has continued to increase. most of the spot listings have increased in volume. cash purchases and orders have been partially increased. the overall sales of polyester filament knitted summer fabrics in the traditional market has risen compared with the previous period. , the sales of knitted printed double-sided elastic showed an increasing trend.

knitted rayon air-flow spinning saw some increase in sales, and the price was basically stable. the thinner knitting raw yarn rabbit plush width 165cm, 210g/m² pink bottom dense bleached fine dots, orange bottom dense bleached fine dots gray bottom dense coffee fine dots, color fabrics are partially delivered in batches. knitted high-elastic wool velvet width 165cm, 220 g/m2 special black zephyr fabric is partially delivered in batches.

ab yarn 26s knitted single jersey fabric width 185cm, 170g/m2 bright yellow color fabric is delivered in small and medium batches. knitted crystal linen width 173cm, 155 g/m2 special black ze fabrics are partially delivered in larger batches.

t/t pure polyester yarn 32s knitted yarn-dyed strips with cotton-like stretch frame width 170cm, 170g/m², bright red middle strips in orderly intervals, light gray middle strips fabrics are locally delivered in larger batches, and baolan middle strips are bleached in orderly intervals the middle strip and the cuilan middle strip are ordered in intervals, and the orange red middle strip fabrics are partially delivered in batches. t/t pure polyester yarn 32s knitted printing imitation cotton stretch frame width 170cm, 170 g/m2, bleached background, special black dense antique craft fabrics, and local large batches.

polyester knitted air layer width 160cm, 280 g/m² deep blue, emerald green, light lake blue, camel, light rose, army green, dark green fabrics are partially shipped in larger quantities.

in the recent market, polyester knitted double-sided stretch fabrics are mainly used for swimwear or t-shirts during the summer season. the recent market is dominated by knitting circular knitting machines and knitted warp knitting varieties. among them, the printed double-sided stretch t-shirt fabric woven with polyester 118d matt fdy on a circular machine (without spandex) has a relatively wide marketing range. so far, it is the most sold variety among knitted fabrics, and some front-shop and back-factory-style fabrics the company and the large-scale business outlets have their own transactions almost throughout the year. at present, the sales of printed knitted double-sided elastics have been partially increased. the number of subscribers for polyester fdy filament knitted double-sided stretch fabrics increased, the number of transactions continued to increase, the transaction volume increased compared with the previous period, and the overall transaction increased compared with the previous period. polyester 118dfdy knitted printed double-sided stretch and four-sided stretch t-shirt fabric with a special black background dense bleached magnolia, a special black background dense orange daffodils, a special black background dense orange dots, an orange background dense special black small squares, a special black background dense rose red antique craft flowers, earthy yellow background dense and black mesh pattern are delivered in larger batches; special black background dense rose red earth yellow rose flower types are partially shipped in batches, and special black background dense colorful chrysanthemums and baolan the densely-bottomed colorful impatiens are occasionally shipped in medium batches.

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